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This policy is fit for all lamps(LED street light, LED Industrial Light, LED flood light, LED tunnel light, LED Spot Light, LED bulbs, led tube, LED panel light, LED down light, LED Garden Light, LED Underwater Light, LED Underground Light, LED Strip Light, LED Wall Washer and Solar Light.)and major lamp parts sold by CommSun Lighting,on condition that they are checked in after-sale service department in CommSun and identified that their fabrication are completed in our corporation.


1. Free Maintenance Periods

All LED Lights produced by CommSun Lighting have one free maintenance two-year guaranty.

Free maintenance period: it starts from the day when CommSun Lighting makes delivery.

Free maintenance period ends: when the returned items arrive in the after-sale service department

If customers require extension of the period, they have to fulfill it by signing agreement with CommSun Lighting.


2. Maintenance at Customers' Cost

Free maintenance does not cover the following situations; customers will be charged for the repairs or replacements when required.

The lamps which are not manufactured by CommSun Lighting.

Lamps or parts whose maintenance period has expired.

Lamps which are damaged by improper operation, maintenance or storage.

Lamps which are damaged by force majeure, such as lightening strike, fire disaster, earthquake.

Tags or labels indicating model number, batch number; or “Warranty Void if broken” label have been torn up, altered, or damaged.

The installation site or the working environment do not match the lamps' working conditions (e.g. Temperature is too high or too low; too humid or too dry; unstable voltage or current; over zero to earth voltage)

Lamps damaged by human behavior, not due to quality, such as random loading and unloading, unauthorized maintenance, wrong connection with wrong parts, alteration.

Customers only need to pay cost of parts which might be used during charged service.


4. Remote Technical Supports

Customers may call after-sale service department or send email to CommSun Lighting, informing of what's wrong with the lamps. After-sale service will reply customers in 12 hours and confirm the impairment, by taking advantage of remote technical support, they can instruct testing and giving preliminary assessment about the problem, and discuss about how to shoot the trouble. If the problem cannot be solved in this way, replacements or door-to-door service will be provided.


5. Replacements and Visiting Service.

During free maintenance period, when after-sale service receives information from customers about lamps breakdown or malfunction, and telephone support cannot help shoot the trouble, we will supply parts needed for repair free of charge and instruct customers to replace the damaged parts. The damaged parts should be sent back to CommSun Lighting. Within 10 days. If replacements still can’t help shoot the trouble, we will negotiate with customers about sending after-sale staff for site service or replace the whole lighting fixtures.

When free maintenance period expires, customers should bear the cost of parts and related transportation fee if replacements for damaged parts are needed; If customers need visiting service, they should bear traveling cost for our after-sale workers.


6. Returns and Repair Policy

When lamps need to be sent back to factory for repair, please call after-sale service department before sending them back.

Please enclose order number, model number, quantity, impairment description and other related information inside the lamps package.

Please use the original package or much safer package to avoid damage during transportation; we will not be responsible for further damage which will occur in the transportation. Customers must be bearing the repair cost which might arise from the transportation.

The parts which are not offered by CommSun Lighting may not be necessary to be returned to our corporation. If customers think it necessary, please note it in the return form and send them back. The parts offered by our company should be sent back together with the lamps, please note it in the return form if customers cannot send them back, otherwise we will not take responsibility if this affects repairing the lamps.

The transportation cost of sending back lamps to factory will be born by customers, but that of sending back repaired lamps to customers will be borne by CommSun Lighting.

When the after-sale department finds the free maintenance period has expired after checking the lamps to be repaired, we will inform customers of the estimated repair cost, and wait for customers' confirmation before starting repair.

All the repaired lamps or parts have three-month free maintenance service for the same trouble (from the day when the repaired items leave the factory).

All repair expenses should be paid before the repaired lamps are sent back to customers, when we receive the payment, we will issue invoice to customers.

We will send the repaired lamps together with a maintenance record sheet to customers, if there are differences between the repair descriptions on the sheet with the actual repair, customers should contact us regarding this.


7. Special Notice about Returns and Repairs

All lamps manufactured by CommSun Lighting have tags and labels indicating model number, serial number, production date, etc. These labels can not be torn up, altered or forged, otherwise CommSun Lighting Will not be responsible for the lamps.

We send back the repaired lamps together with a maintenance record sheet to our customers, Customers should sign on the sheet and send it back to our after-sale service department.

Please check the lamps to be repaired carefully for the trouble before sending them back to factory; if we check them and find no problem with the lights, customers should bear the transportation cost.

CommSun Lighting will use our standard way to send the repaired lights to the customers. If customers have special requirement of the shipment, should bear the shipping charges by themselves.

CommSun Lighting after-sale department makes the commitment that lamps can be repaired and sent back in 10 days (not including transportation time)

If customers do not pay the repair cost which should be paid by customers, the repaired lamps will be treated as discarded lamps; we will not be responsible for its storage.


8. Service Responses

We will provide solution in 12 hours after we receive customers' complaint.

Visiting service will be provided for capital cities in China within 24-48 hours (spring festival not included)


9. Liabilities

Under this clause and conditions, all responsibilities that CommSun Lighting takes for one issue or a series of related issue will not go beyond the total price of purchased products and/or services on the basis of this clause and conditions, unless law has definite roles.

CommSun Lighting will not take responsibility for indirect loss caused by purchasing and using products and services or related loss.

CommSun Lighting can revise any incorrect print, writing or other mistake omissions in sales print, quotations, price list, order confirmation, invoice or other documents and information. And the revised one will be as the criterion.


10. Other Explanation

Customers confirm sales contract, namely to agree or be regarded as agreeing this services policy.

This after-sales service polity will take effect from 1st Jan., 2008.

The after-sales service policy applies to The People's Republic of China laws and shall be interpreted according to its. If the terms in this policy conflict with state or local laws, the law as standard, and if within the legal limit, this provision as standard. The terms and conditions of the dispute should be resolved through friendly consultations as far as possible from both sides. If consultations had not been resolved, any party may submit the dispute to the people's court having jurisdiction over the seller's premises, through the litigation settlement.

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