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LED Solar Street LightsLED Solar Street Lights
LED Street LightsLED Street Lights
LED Garden LightsLED Garden Lights
LED Projector LightsLED Projector Lights
LED Flood LightsLED Flood Lights
LED Tunnel LightsLED Tunnel Lights
LED Wall WashersLED Wall Washers
LED Underground LightsLED Underground Lights
LED Underwater LightsLED Underwater Lights
LED Bollard LightsLED Bollard Lights
LED Industrial LightsLED Industrial Lights
LED Light BulbsLED Light Bulbs
LED Panel LightsLED Panel Lights
LED SpotlightsLED Spotlights
LED DownlightsLED Downlights
LED Light TubesLED Light Tubes
LED Gas Station LightsLED Gas Station Lights


Home LightingHome Lighting
Hotel LightingHotel Lighting
Industrial LightingIndustrial Lighting
Roadway LightingRoadway Lighting
Tunnel LightingTunnel Lighting
Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting
Solar LightingSolar Lighting
Courtyard LightingCourtyard Lighting
Parking Lot LightingParking Lot Lighting
Filling Station LightingFilling Station Lighting


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CommSun Lighting focus on LED lighting, as technology development and progress, our products include LED Outdoor Lighting: LED Street lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Tunnel Lights, LED Garden Lights, LED Wall Washer Lights, LED Underwater Lights, LED Inground Lights, LED Lawn Lights, LED Projector Lights, LED Gas Station Light, LED Explosion Proof Light, LED Strip Lights, LED String Light, LED Rope Light, LED Point Light, LED Wall Light, Solar Street Lights and Solar Garden Light; LED Indoor Lighting: LED Light Bulbs, LED Down Lights, LED Light Tubes, LED Panel Lights, LED Reflector Bulbs, LED Ceiling Light, LED Industrial Lights and LED Strip Lights.
Why LED Lights. LED lights are the fourth generation of light after incandescent lights, fluorescent lamps and high-pressure vapor lamps. Compared with sodium lights, LED lights have the characteristics as follows:
Higher efficiency. With technical improvements in past few decades, the luminous efficiency of LED is much enhanced. In the case of incandescent, halogen lamps, fluorescents lamp and sodium lamps, the luminous efficiency is respectively 12-24lm/w, 50-70lm/w and 90-140lm/w, and energy consumed is turned into heat and used up. Whereas the luminous effect of in proved LED can amount to 100-200lm/w, moreover LED has better monochromatic city and narrower spectrum, and can give off visible colored light.
Lower electricity consumption. The electricity LED lights consume is only 40% as much as normal lights do, compared with sodium lights, LED lights can save 40%-70% energy, CommSun Lighting can saves above 80% power. 
Longer life. Filament giving off light by means of electro-light-filed radiation has many disadvantages, such as being flammable and producing thermal disposition and light attenuation. With LED is smaller, lighter, and capsulated with EPXOY and is resistant to strong mechanical shock and quiver, and is not easy to break. LED lights can be used for as long as 10 years, which helps to reduce the expense of maintenance and avoid the frequent change of lights.
More reliable. LED lights are characterized by low thermal power, being radiation free, cold-light source, and being secure for touch. Its light type and beam angle can be accurately controlled. they have soft color and are glare free, Besides, they are free of such harmful in them to control the intensity of light and its work method, and to realize the combination of light and art. 
Environment friendly. LED lights are completely solid luminescent, resistant to shock and durable. The useless LED lights will not cause pollution since they can be recycled.

LED Light Bulbs
LED Light Bulbs
Dimmable LED Bulb
Dimmer LED Light Bulbs
Pro. (A60 6W/7.5W)
Pro. (A60 6.3W/7W)
Dim. (A60 12W)
Dim. (A60 7W/9.5W)
LED Candle Light
LED Candle Bulbs
LED Golf Ball Light Bulb
LED Golf Ball Bulb
Candle (C36 3W/2.8W)
Candle (C42 3W/4W)
Golf Ball (G80 8W)
Golf Ball (G95 9W)
Golf Ball LED Bulbs
LED Light Bulbs
Golf Ball LED Light Bulbs
Reflector LED Bulbs
Golf Ball (G125 12W)
Golf Ball (P45 2.8W)
Golf Ball (P45 4W)
Reflector (R50 6W)
Reflector LED Bulb
LED Reflector Light
Reflector (R63 7.5W)
Reflector (R80 10W)


LED Spotlights (LED Light Sources)
GU10 Spot LED
MR16 Spot LED
PAR20 Spot LED
PAR30 Spot LED
CSB1SP-GU10 (4.3W/6W)
CSB1SP-MR16 (4.3W/6W)
CSP1SP-PAR30 (14W)
PAR38 Spot LED
AR111 Spot LED
CSP1SP-PAR38 (22W)
CSQ1SP-AR111 (11W)


LED Tube T10
LED Tube Light T5
LED Tube T8
T10 LED Tubes
T5 LED Tubes
T8 LED Tubes


LED Downlight CSB01125DO
LED Downlight CSB01145DO
LED Downlight CSB01180DO
LED Downlight CSB01195DO
CSB01125DO (8W)
CSB01145DO (8W)
CSB01180DO (8W 12W)
CSB01195DO (12W 16W)
LED Downlight CSB01225DO
LED Downlight CSC02150DO
LED Downlight CSD01160DO
LED Downlight CSE01160DO
CSB01225DO (22W 30W)
CSC02150DO (11.5W)
CSD01160DO (11.5W 28W)
CSE01160DO (20.5W)


LED Panel Light 300mm*300mm
LED Panel Lights 300mm*600mm
LED Panel Lights 300mm*1200mm
LED Panel Lights 600mm*600mm
Panel 300*300mm
Panel 300*600mm
Panel 300*1200mm
Panel 600*600mm
LED Panel lights 600mm*1200mm
Round LED Panel Lights CS-F180
Round LED Panel Lights CS-F240
Round LED Panel Lights CS-F300
Panel 600*1200mm
Panel Φ176mm
Panel Φ235mm
Panel Φ297mm


LED Industrial Lights CSA1IN
CSA1IN (33W-308)
CSA90IN (20W)
CSB160IN (12/20/35W)
CSD2620IN (60/80/100W)
CSE200IN (30/50/70W)


LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
Giant (40W Philips)
Giant (80W Philips)
Giant (120W Philips)
Giant (160W Philips)
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
LED Street Light ---Giant Road Lighting
Giant (200W Philips)
Giant (240W Philips)
Giant (75W CREE)
Giant (150W CREE)
LED Street Light ---CSA1ST
LED Street Light---CSG5626st
LED Street Light---CSH7528ST
LED Street Light---CSI8836ST
CSA1ST (34W-320W)
CSG5626ST (30W)
CSH7528ST (66W)
CSI8836ST (96/133W)
LED Street Light---CSJ9936ST
LED Street Light---CSK4633ST
LED Street Light ---CSK7736STLED Street Light --- CSK9042ST
CSJ9936ST (173/189W)
CSK4633ST (50W)
CSK7736ST (120W)
CSK9042ST (220W)
LED Street Light ---CSL4020STLED Street Light ---CSL4725ST
LED Street Light ---CSN6430ST
LED Street Light ---CSN8638ST
CSL4020ST (16W)
CSL4725ST (30/35W)
CSN6430ST (30/40/66W)


LED Garden Light --- CSE4047GA
LED Garden Light --- CSE5057GA
LED Garden Light --- CSJ1200GA
LED Garden Light --- CSK1058GA
LED Garden Light --- CSL9056GA
LED Garden Light --- CSM5682GA
LED Garden Light --- CSN5613GA
LED Garden Light --- CSN5622GA


LED Flood Light CSA2FL-132
LED Flood Light CSA2FL-36
LED Flood Light CSA2FL-48
LED Flood Lights CSA2FL-72
CSA2FL-132 (135W 162W)
CSA2FL-36 (40W 45W)
CSA2FL-48 (52W 60W)
CSA2FL-72 (76W 88W)


LED Tunnel Lights

LED Tunnel Light CSB4232TU
LED Tunnel Light CSB5832TU
CSB4232TU (58W 123W)
CSB5832TU (123W)


LED Projector Light CSA1117PR-3
LED Projector Light CSA1117PR-6
LED Projector Light CSA1170PR-9
LED Projector Light CSA1170PR-12
CSA1117PR-3 (3.5/4.6W)
CSA1117PR-6 (7.8W)
CSA1170PR-12 (16.2W)
LED Projector Light CSA1224PR-18
LED Projector Light CSA1224PR-24
LED Projector Light CSA1263PR-36
LED Projector Light CSA1290PR-54
CSA1263PR-36 (56/86W)
LED Projector Light CSA1340PR-72
LED Projector Light CSA2340PR-144
LED Projector Light CSA3340PR-216
LED Projector Light CSB2726PR-18
CSA1340PR-72 (116/163W)
CSB2726PR-18 (20W)
LED Projector Light CSB3227PR-36
LED Projector Light CSB3936PR-54
LED Projector Light CSB3936PR-72
LED Projector Light CSC1223PR-18
CSB3227PR-36 (40W)
CSB3936PR-54 (60W)
CSB3936PR-72 (80W)
CSC1223PR-18 (20W)
LED Projector Light CSC1262PR-36
LED Projector Light CSC1369PR-54
LED Projector Light CSC1369PR-72
LED Projector Light CSS1050PR-1
CSC1262PR-36 (40W)
CSC1369PR-54 (60W)
CSC1369PR-72 (80W)
LED Projector Light CSS1075PR-3
LED Projector Light CSS1099PR-3
LED Projector Light CSS1125PR-6
CSS1057PR-3 (4.2W)
CSS1099PR-3 (4.2W)
CSS1125PR-6 (8.3W)


LED Wall Washer Light CSC0458WA
LED Wall Washer Light CSC0858WA
LED Wall Washer Light CSC1258WA
CSC0458WA-12 (12W)
CSC0858WA-24 (24W)
CSC1258WA-36 (36W)


LED Underground Light CSB1190UD-9
LED Underground Light CSB1190UD-12
LED Underground Light CSB1240UD-18
LED Underground Light CSB1240UD-24
CSB1190UD-9 (12.7W)
CSB1190UD-12 (15.8W)
CSB1240UD-18 (22.2W)
CSB1240UD-24 (27.8W)
LED Underground Lamp CSB2060UD-1
LED Underground Lamp CSB2090UD-3
LED Underground Light CSB2180UD-9
LED Underground Light CSB2180UD-12
CSB2060UD-1A (2W/3W)
CSB2090UD-3 (4.2W)
CSB2180UD-9 (12.4W)
LED Underground Light CSL1231UD-3
LED Underground Light CSL1380UD-6
LED Underground Light CSL1534UD-9
LED Underground Lighting CSL1689UD-12
CSL1231UD-3 (4.6W)
CSL1380UD-6 (8.1/9.1W)
CSL1534UD-9 (12.5W)
CSL1689UD-12 (17W)
LED Underground Light CSL998UD-18
CSL1998UD-18 (24.9W)


LED Underwater Light CSC1140UW-3
LED Underwater Light CSC1140UW-6
LED Underwater Light CSC1170UW-9
LED Underwater Light CSC1170UW-12
CSC1140UW-3 (3.5W)
CSC1140UW-6 (7.3W)
CSC1170UW-9 (9.4W)
CSC1170UW-12 (12W)
LED Underwater Light CSC1200UW-18
LED Underwater Light CSC1250UW-36
CSC1200UW-18 (18W)
CSC1250UW-36 (36W)


LED Bollard Light CSA8230LA-4
LED Bollard Light CSA9139LA-3
LED Bollard Light CSA9139LA-6
LED Bollard Light CSB0011LA-3
CSA8230LA-4 (12.5W)
CSA9139LA-3 (9.4W)
CSA9139LA-6 (19.0W)
CSB0011LA-3 (10.5W)
LED Bollard Light CSB0112LA-3
LED Bollard Light CSB0213LA-3
LED Bollard Light CSB0314LA-3
CSB0112LA-3 (10.5W)
CSB0213LA-3 (10.5W)
CSB0314LA-3 (10.5W)


LED Gas Station Light CSA1STA
CSA1STA (62W-185W)


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