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CommSun Lighting is always researching new technologies, while also learning and other enterprise technologies, As technology advances, we solved the problem of heat dissipation for lamps, our LED lamps have long service life, more than 50,000 hours, low energy consumption, compared with HPS, energy savings can 50%--70%, there is no electromagnetic waves, no UV, a low-carbon lighting. LED lighting will rule the lighting industry as a whole.

LED is short title for light-emitting diodes which as the source of light, also called LED lamp, LED lamp can usually be a reference to the traditional semiconductor light-emitting diode, organic light-emitting diode (OLED), or polymer light-emitting diodes (PLED) devices.

As individual LED light output is small relative to incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps, multiple diodes are often used together. In recent years, with advances in semiconductor technology, high power light is emitting higher lumens of output, so that it will replace other lamps with LED light diodes.

LED is now applied to many industries and fields, LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting and Solar Light, Please understand the following knowledge on lighting.

You can find don't understand proper nouns by the glossary,it is from A to W.

Understanding Light

Of all the technological advances over the past century, nothing has completely altered our lives as much as electric lighting.
The Science of Light
Visible light is just a small segment of the electromagnetic spectrum— a broad range of radiant energy which also includes X-rays and infrared energy.
Color & Light Relationship
We tend to think of objects as having fixed colors. In reality, an object’s appearance results from the way it reflects the particular light that is falling on it.
Color Characteristics of Light
There are two systems of measurement commonly used to describe the color properties of a light source: “color temperature,” and “color rendering index” (CRI).
The Technology of Light
Almost all of today’s common electric light sources may be categorized broadly as incandescent, fluorescent or high intensity discharge (HID).
Incandescent and Halogen
Incandescent lamps were the original electric light sources. Today, halogen lamps are a refinement of incandescent technology that offer up to 20 percent greater energy efficiency.
Fluorescent Technology
A fluorescent lamp is a “gaseous discharge” light source. Light is produced by passing an electric arc between tungsten cathodes in a tube filled with a low pressure mercury vapor and other gases.

HID Technology

The technology in high intensity discharge lighting is in some ways similar to fluorescent technology.
Lighting Innovations
Electrodeless lighting, infrared lamps; and the HID Arc Tube Design. Taking advantage of lighting innovations.
LED Technology
Since their introduction in the early 1960s, LEDs have evolved from simple indicator lights and alphanumeric displays to an exciting new source for general lighting.
Ballasts Technology
Fluorescent and HID lamps require a ballast to apply starting voltage to the lamp and establish current flow – an "arc" – between the lamp electrodes.
Spectral Power Distribution
A spectral power distribution (SPD) curve shows the precise color output of a given light source by charting the level of energy present at each wavelength across the visible spectrum.
Lamp Color Characteristics
Fluorescent light is produced by two primary mechanisms: the mercury arc and the fluorescence of the phosphor.
Applying the Technology
Choosing the right lamp for a specific application can seem complicated. Many different elements of lamp performance must be considered.
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