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LED Solar Street LightsLED Solar Street Lights
LED Street LightsLED Street Lights
LED Garden LightsLED Garden Lights
LED Projector LightsLED Projector Lights
LED Flood LightsLED Flood Lights
LED Tunnel LightsLED Tunnel Lights
LED Wall WashersLED Wall Washers
LED Underground LightsLED Underground Lights
LED Underwater LightsLED Underwater Lights
LED Bollard LightsLED Bollard Lights
LED Industrial LightsLED Industrial Lights
LED Light BulbsLED Light Bulbs
LED Panel LightsLED Panel Lights
LED SpotlightsLED Spotlights
LED DownlightsLED Downlights
LED Light TubesLED Light Tubes
LED Gas Station LightsLED Gas Station Lights


Home LightingHome Lighting
Hotel LightingHotel Lighting
Industrial LightingIndustrial Lighting
Roadway LightingRoadway Lighting
Tunnel LightingTunnel Lighting
Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting
Solar LightingSolar Lighting
Courtyard LightingCourtyard Lighting
Parking Lot LightingParking Lot Lighting
Filling Station LightingFilling Station Lighting


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CommSun Lighting provides full ranges of LED Lighting, including outdoor lighting, indoor lighting and solar lighting, such as LED Street Light series, LED Industrial Light series, LED Flood light series, LED Projector Light series, LED Tunnel Light series, LED Garden Light series, LED Strip Light series, LED Spot Light series, Wall Washer series, LED Bulbs series, LED Tube Light series, LED Down Light series, LED Panel Light series, LED Traffic Light, LED Underground Light series and Underwater Light series. The products are made of imported high quality materials with advanced equipments, cut-edge technologies and workmanship, and are of high lumen efficiency, long service life, energy saving and environmental friendly.CommSun high quality LED products comply with directives of international electric committee(IEC), American National Standard Institute(ANSI),Taiwan Standard(CNS),All products are with CE and RoHs Certification. Some products have acquired UL and CUL Certification.

CommSun Purpose

The importance of staff lives in peace, maximize the benefits, Make a contribution to society.

Companies should be removed from the people, goods and money set out three main elements, considering the "customer satisfaction, social satisfaction, employee satisfaction." Priority emphasis on "customer first, quality first."

CommSun Principles

Polite greeting. Hello, good morning, good evening, I'm sorry, thank you very much, it’s so kind of you, thanks for your kindness, goodbye and so on


CommSun Management

Q.C.D. Management. Quality, excellent quality comes from the serious and responsible work (hard work); Cost, competitive prices from cost as low as possible; Delivery, on time delivery comes from adherence to delivery.

P.D.C.A. Management. Plan, Do, Check, Action.





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